Layers II

Layers II


Layers II version 2 of Layers taken at the edge of the Empty Quarter, this place is known of its unique sand dune shapes. more over, you can visit my empty quarter gallery on my website click on the following link:

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Nature: The Wilderness of the Empty Quarter Desert

Hello everyone,

After more than a month of planning and studying the Empty Quarter desert in UAE. I decided to go and experience the true wilderness of the desert. it took me more than 2 hours driving from Dubai to Hamim then around 30min off road. the temperature was a bit high 40C afternoon and dropped to 25C at evening.

Canon 5D II, 17-40mm F/4 L USM.

السلام عليكم

الحمدلله بعد اكثر من شهر من البحث،  قررت اخيرا ان ازور الربع الخالي في الامارات  و اتذوق طعم الصحراء و خشونتها

قطعت اكثر من ساعتين بالسياره من دبي للوصول الى منطقه حميم و تقريبا نصف ساعه على الرمل.

في العصر وصلت درجه الحراره تقريبا الى ٤٠ و عند العشاء ٢٥

اتسخدمت لتصوير هذه الصوره الادوات التاليه

Canon 5D II, 17-40mm F/4 L USM.